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We now have the
equipment to perform
cataract surgery via
We will begin offering
this procedure from the
beginning of April 2021.

Early referral of cataracts, will result in better
outcomes. Cataracts can cause lens-induced
uveitis with sequelae that could preclude surgery.
Mature cataracts are often extremely hard which
results in longer phacoemulsification times and
increased risk of complications.

In an initial cataract
assessment, we
perform a full
examination and
ultrasound to ensure
there are no other
ocular problems that
could make the animal
unsuitable for surgery. We often start
anti-inflammatory drops pre-operatively to reduce


Anya injured herself at the end of October

An extended course of antibiotics provided
by the referring practice led to resolution of
clinical signs and she remained asymptomatic for a period of time. In January 2021, however, she began to show signs of right forelimb lameness and a firm
subcutaneous swelling was detected on the right thoracic wall.

Anya was referred for
a CT scan of the thorax. This showed a distinct, radiodense, linear structure within an area of variably contrast enhancing soft tissue swelling. This structure
measured 33mm long
x 7mm wide and was positioned in a proximo-distal orientation overlying the 1st rib on her right side. This
indicated the presence of a stick foreign body.

Richard Coe
performed surgical
exploration and
removed the fragment
of stick. The size of
this was consistent
with the CT scan.

Anya is doing well
post-operatively and
the owners are
delighted with the



Indications for CT imaging are wide varied. Click this link to see the variety of conditions with which it can aid in the diagnosis.

Scottish Vet Referrals can offer this service as either part of a full referral to one of our clinicians or as a stand-alone service.

We have recently acquired a syringe driver to allow us to
inject intravenous contrast into the CT patients remotely and set the rate of injection for more consistent results.

For those vets requesting imaging only, we will liaise closely to determine the optimum protocol and images will then be transferred to VetCT – a specialist veterinary teleradiology service. A full written report can be provided in as little as 4 hours for urgent cases.


Thanks to the hard work of Kate, one of our nurses, Scottish Vet Referrals has been recognised as an ISFM
(International Society of Feline Medicine) Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic. It is one of only a handful of gold standard clinics in the Highlands. We strive to make our
hospital as cat friendly as possible so vet visits are a positive experience for both cats and their owners.


Craig visits us fortnightly on a Wednesday.

A complete cardiac work up typically includes blood pressure measurement, echocardiography, electrocardiography, radiographs and blood sampling.

Craig also performs bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage, and often makes use of the CT scanner for the investigation of pulmonary disease.


 Simon is with us every Tuesday and Wednesday and is also available for advice and support to clients and vets remotely outwith these days.

From the end of the month he will be able to provide a full endoscopy service – more details to follow!


The team from Surgeon On Site visit us every two weeks for soft tissue and orthopaedic referrals. They have tackled a variety of interesting cases including patella luxation correction, Tibial-plateau-levelling osteotomies, large tumour removals with reconstructive surgery, total ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy, and a removal of a migrating stick. We have overnight facilities with staff
permanently on site to care for these complex surgical cases.